We offer a product that has no competitors.

The first in Ukraine were installed
high-speed charging station
for charging electric cars
with a total power of 144 kW.

LGI uses equipment from the Swedish-Swiss company ABB (Terra chargers), Austrian Kostad (Kostad chargers) and Keba (KeContact chargers), which are leaders in the field of high-quality high-speed charging stations adapted to the Ukrainian market.

  • AC 22 kW

    AC 22 kW

  • DC 50 kW

    DC 50 kW

  • DC 120 kW

    DC 120 kW

$260 million

Daily savings on fuel.

Cars with an electric heart are not the distant future, but the present. Ukraine is no exception.

1300 electric cars

Sold every day in the world.

According to analysts, by 2030 electric cars will fill more than 40% of the car market.

About us

Leo Green Investments is a Western Ukrainian startup investing in green technologies, including the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

One of the first LGI investment projects is aimed at building a network of electric charging stations that are able to quickly charge electric vehicles within 15-45 minutes up to 80-100%.

Our mission:

Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people.

Ready to cooperate.

We offer you cooperation in the installation of high-speed charging stations at your locations, as we are convinced that only fast charging stations and the approach of our company will meet the level and requirements of your business and increase the traffic of visitors to your location in the short term.

Convinced that the installation of fast charging stations will increase your prestige, will direct the policy of your business and its owners to the promotion of environmentally friendly modes of transport and care for the environment.

What benefits will you get using LGI stations?

  • 02


    We use charging stations from well-known European manufacturers.
  • 01


    Fast charging by DC technology, which saves time.
  • 03


    Save on fuel costs.
  • 04


    Convenient location and easy connection.
  • 05


    All stations have round-the-clock video surveillance and technical support.
  • 06

    Access control

    Book a station at the right time using the app.

We charge


and other.

LGI charging stations.

You can find LGI stations in your smartphone app.

Using the application of our partners “Go To-U”, you can easily find our charging stations, reserve for the right time, control the charge, pay.

Recent news.

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